SMS Reminder: If you provide your mobile number we will endeavour to send an SMS reminder a few days prior to your next appointment. This service is purely a courtesy and it remains your responsibility to record and remember your appointment details.

Missed Appointments: We have a rigid policy of sensing accounts for missed appointments in all instances. It is easy and courteous to call and cancel or reschedule appointments. We require least one business day’s notice for all cancellation, or a missed appointment fee will apply. Haematologists are in scarce supply and we are all very busy. We can allocate slots to other sick patients if we are notified in time.

Joondalup Clinic: We attend Joondalup on Wednesday only, once a week. The clinic is heavily booked, and often fully booked for up to 3 months in advance. Priority will be given to sick and frail patients and especially those requiring chemotherapy or other therapies at Joondalup. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate everyone.

Pathology (Blood Tests): Dr Ward is Head of Haematology at Western Diagnostic Pathology (WDP). As blood counts are a critical part of assessment of blood disorders, we use WDP exclusively. If blood tests are performed by WDP Dr Ward can easily access the results, examine the blood film himself and arrange extra testing if needed. Please ensure you alway go to Western Diagnostic Pathology (WDP) to blood testing and not any other lab.
If Blood Transfusion is needed we will need a fresh sample to eb able to accurately and safely cross-match the blood to ensure compatibility. This sample must be with WDP as our labs issue the blood for Hollywood and Joondalup.

Payment: See Accounts page also.
All payments are due immediately after the consultation. We accept cash, EFPOS, Mastercard and Visa. A receipt will be issued to allow you to claim your Medicare Rebate.
For in-patient (including day-case) episodes we send the invoice to the Health Fund and they pay using the Gap Saver scheme. No out-of-pocket expense is usually incurred for in-patient services. Some funds do not operate Gap Saver in WA and in that case the invoice will be sent to you for payment, and you can then claim from your Fund and Medicare.

Referrals: A valid referral in required for all specialist consultations to allow you to claim Medicare rebates. GP referrals generally last 12 months, and referrals from other Specialists only 3 months. We will try to warn you when your referral is expiring (at your Consultation and by SMS) but we cannot guarantee this, so you should note when a new referral will be required.

Communication: Medical practice is complex. Dr Ward does not perform “remote control” medicine. He always sees and assesses patients to give the best possible advice or treatment. We will not provide e-mail consultations or provide treatment without consultation. If you have any queries please telephone the office to arrange a consultation.

After-hours service: Dr Ward is not on-call 24/7. After hours care for sudden, unexpected illness related to the blood disorder is provided by your local hospital via the Emergency Department. The Haematology Team at SCGH can provide support also. Unrelated or minor issues should be dealt with by your General Practitioner or local Emergency Department if required.

Privacy: We adhere to the provisions of the of the Privacy Act. We are not allowed to discuss the details of your case with anyone, unless you give specific permission for us to do so. To facilitate communication, especially if you are admitted to hospital or become very sick, it is important to nominate one person to act as spokesperson. All information will be discussed with them if you are too sick. In addition, a single point og contact means this person can act as the liaison person for the family to keep everyone informed.